How I started vapoter: my first e-cigarette

To quit smoking with the e-cigarette Lorsque you smoke for several years as I was necessarily at one time or another thought about quitting. Very soon you realize that the task will not be easy and you will begin to learn about the best method to stop smoking. The first factor of influence that will guide our choices towards a method is often the environment, our loved ones, our family. A key element when you want to stop smoking is of course the will, the desire to stop.

Thus for the first time I turned to the anti- tobacco nicotine patch dosed . The effects were at the rendezvous : the urge to smoke had decreased but I missed the “act of smoking.” Then a friend told me: “why do not you buy an electronic cigarette?

Thus began my journey vapoteur …

Complete novice I did not understand the system that allowed “to smoke fake”. During my first visit to a shop e-cigarette, a seller carefully explained the operation and then introduced me to the e -liquid range that accompanies the e -cigarette. Little ammateur original tastes, my choice was for a tobacco flavor e-liquid , and remaining faithful to the classic feel of smoking.

To continue my momentum to stop smoking, I opted for an e- dosed liquid nicotine , the same weight (6mg) my usual cigarettes a well-known brand … so I left with my box electronic cigarette 2 bottles e- liquid.

Without much hope , I plugged my first electronic cigarette and inhaled a few puffs … At first I found the sensation a bit strong, even stronger than a real cigarette. Then I started to vapoter more light, this is also how we should proceed and immediately taste in the mouth was nicer and softer.

I found a true sensation of smoke in the end is only a thick flavored steam . This test was quite convincing and I took very quickly used to have on hand my e-cigarette and how to use it as soon as the act of cigarette arose.

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How to choose to succeed in cigarette electronic withdrawal

A protocol exceeded the patch:

Regarding the patch, the protocol Bullen study was to provide vouchers to participants for pharmacy patches to 21 mg of nicotine, without seeing a doctor first to explain their proper use nor answer their questions.

Thereafter, the dose patch was the same for all participants who were heavy smokers and roasting on average 18 cigarettes per day for over 20 years.

Today dose patch is adapted to the signs of lack, some patients need several patches to be relieved. Especially, it combines oral forms of nicotine gum, tablets, lozenges, inhalers or sprays, so that patients can relieve their signs missing in the day. It may for example prescribe a patch per day to 21 mg and 4 mg gum at will, which gums a day for 15 gives 80 mg with 21 mg nicotine patch.

This is equivalent to 4 times the dose of nicotine that taken by the participants of the study Bullen. Worse, they have been provided patches for 3 months without medical supervision, while in practice, nicotine substitutes are prescribed as much time as necessary.

These differences between the current good clinical practice and the study protocol, very simply why the patches were not more effective than placebo in the publication of Professor Bullen.

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